Screenplays by Si Dunn


Just when Alexandra is trying to gain tenure for her
college teaching job, her current husband, Frank, sues her
for divorce, hoping to prove adultery so he can take everything
in the settlement. Meanwhile, Alexandra's previous husband, Ted,
blunders back into her life unexpectedly and throws Alexandra's
career and legal defense both into deeper danger. And Ted's
timing could not be worse. Not only is his current wife dying,
but a private investigator hired by Frank is trying to gather
(or fabricate) photographic evidence that Alexandra is having
an affair. Can love somehow prevail amid this toxic human mess?


A skeptical scientist helps a Louisiana state police investigator apparently solve
a series of gruesome deaths that look like shark attacks, far inland along a river.
But, after suspects are arrested, the scientist and cop suddenly have to save
themselves and others by battling what seems impossible: a giant extinct shark
on the loose in bayous.


Sixteen-year-old Jennifer Stanley is in the race of her life
and steering for the gold, at the wheel of a
homebuilt, solar-powered race car.


The local school teacher and the new mayor of an isolated
Old West town must team up to fight an outlaw gang
that has seized hostages and will kill them one by one
unless the mayor's father, the state governor, releases
the gang leader's brother from prison.


Gabe Turner, coach of an inner-city kids' chess team,
wants to help four teenagers make the right moves in life and
avoid his fate as a twice-imprisoned felon. But, on the eve of a
championship tournament, he is jailed, charged with stealing
money from his employer. Can Gabe's four Gambits and their
substitute coach, the woman who loves Gabe, survive the
tournament and help keep him from being
sent to prison—possibly for life?


Trapped in an isolated ravine after a road-rage incident, a combat veteran who now fears
violence after being wounded in Afghanistan must save himself and his wife from a
crazed gunman, also a combat veteran, who is haunted by the ghosts of
three men he killed in Iraq.

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